Definitely…on PURPOSE!

Mar 22, 2022

Definitely…on PURPOSE!!!

For real? Yep.  What we do and do well is where we are intentional, focused, and clear as to WHY we are doing it.  It’s called having a PURPOSE.

There are a number of perspectives to PURPOSE. Whether individual, team, organization, or nation, a sense of PURPOSE is essential to commitment and success.

A shared sense of why we are doing what we are doing (PURPOSE) is the glue that binds people together in a common cause, often linking each individual’s goals with the organizations’ goals.

Properly formulated, a shared sense of common cause provides  understanding of the need for coordinated collective effort—subordinating individual interest to the larger objective that can be achieved only by a collective effort.

When it is long range in nature, it is the basis for detailed planning for the allocation of resources.

When it is noble and inspiring, it gives dignity and respect to those participating in the effort,  and when it promises a better future, it gives hope to all that seek it.

Powerful PURPOSE rises above the information, the data, the numbers, and all the metrics that we love to count.

For this conversation we are going to consider that PURPOSE has 3 distinct camps.

  • Your personal PURPOSE
  • Your company’s PURPOSE
  • Your client’s company’s PURPOSE.


In each case PURPOSE is the WHY of existence.  Why does your company exist, what need does it fill, What good does it do for humankind.

Why do YOU get up each day and tackle all of the daily challenges to existence and serving others.  What is your PURPOSE?

Conversation with your client about what they understand about their own company’s, high service perspective of the good that they create in the world, must take place and get everyone on the same page.  You will be surprised at the openness that clients will have when you CARE enough to really dig into this tough stuff with them.

We will dig into each of these areas over the next few weeks. For now let me give you two distinctly different PURPOSE thoughts from different ends of the world’s spectrum.

From Apple, their PURPOSE perspective… “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.”

From the U.S. Navy…”The purpose of the United States Naval academy at Annapolis, MD, is to prepare midshipman to become professional officers in the naval service”.


Onward to UNDERSTANDING “OUR” personal PURPOSE, this will be fun!



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