For more than 5 decades Mitch has served the high-tech world of semiconductors. 40+ years of that focused on the arena of client engagement, traditionally labeled “sales and applications”. 33 years of that time was with Microchip Technology Inc where he led business units and for the last 22 years of that time, he lead the Global Client Engagement team. From “startup” through industry leadership that Microchip team went on to serve 125,000+ clients in nearly every country, and in every industry, on the globe. As of the end of March 2022, Microchip posted its 126th consecutive quarter of profitability, a record unmatched in its industry.
Mitch was a part of Microchip Technology from 1989 and went on to lead several product business units and the worldwide sales and applications team of the $40+ Billion market cap company, the only non-commissioned sales team in the industry
Over the decades spent leading teams involved in complex client engagements and serving them both technically and commercially, Mitch developed a client engagement process centered around serving others to help THEM achieve THEIR objectives, it is called CUSP.

CUSP, a human engagement process, unlike typical “sales processes” is centered around serving others to co-create value that aids THEM in achieving what THEY wish to achieve, in service to the people that THEY serve.

CUSP is the following mindset...

CARE greatly,
SERVE endlessly, with
In support of the globalization of the CUSP concepts, Mitch, now retired from MCHP, has gone on to form the CUSP ADVISORY GROUP.

The CUSP ADVISORY GROUP stands ready to serve others that wish to achieve excellence in co-creating client value, excellence in co-creating leadership, and excellence in outcomes that matter!

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