Feb 22, 2022

To SERVE is to give freely of yourself!

To SERVE “really well” requires intent, focus, and perseverance.

To SERVE really well says that we will SERVE relentlessly, SERVE endlessly, SERVE without reserve!

Relentless is a great word. It means that we do it aggressively, with intent, with an eye to getting the most done and we don’t give up when the obstacles are thrown at us. It means that we stay the course and never give up….working to help someone else achieve their objectives.

When we SERVE endlessly it means that we do not slow down or falter. Even if a project comes to its end, we continue to SERVE. Our quest is a long-term client engagement that likely never has an end in sight. While the objectives may shift, and new challenges come up, we continue in service to another person. This matters because the folks that we serve need to clearly understand that we are involved, as a choice, with no limit on time or effort.

To SERVE without reserve needs some clarity. It is the pure form of serving another person WITHOUT expecting anything in return. Nothing! Yep, that truly means you will be doing a LOT of work, helping another person achieve what THEY wish to achieve, AND in your heart and soul, you are doing so purely for the benefit of the other person. No expectations on returns in any way. Not in terms of business, profits…nothing. That’s a tough point to reach, yet it is the ONLY way to benefit everyone involved in the work. If in your service you start to set up expectations of getting something in return (bookings, billings, etc) for your effort you will start to alter the effectiveness of the service itself. That will be seen by all. It will be obvious, and it will negatively taint every action, and you will look like every other person calling on the client looking to meet their quota to get their commissions; undifferentiated, self-serving, and otherwise boring!

With a focus on the process of serving you leave the big block outcomes to themselves and trust that great things will happen because they WILL!

Let’s see you all plug that aspect into an “opportunity review” with all those that don’t do the work you do, it will drive them crazy! This aspect needs some time spent walking through its implications with a team to see how it all plays out. It DOES, it’s proven!

To SERVE requires our best in fundamentals of PLAN/DO/REVIEW! With a pure focus on the objectives of the client and diligence to stay true to the basics… relentlessly, endlessly, and WITHOUT reserve!



To SERVE one another!



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