Happy New Year!

Jan 2, 2022

Happy New Year to all! Let’s work on optimizing 2022 for the very best process and outcomes that we can co-create!

It’s time to apply our CARING….

From the realm of CUSP, we have spent some time on the motivation factor of it all CARING. Because we CARE, we do the work! Because we CARE, we choose to take the next steps in serving those that we do. CARING is our motivation for taking the rest of the time to co-create the outcomes that make a difference for people.

The work starts with UNDERSTANDING! It is the process of research, discovery, deep conversations, and much time spent looking with a fresh eye at all of our assumptions and data that represent the people that we are working to serve. UNDERSTANDING comes over much time and many cycles of PLAN/DO/REVIEW. UNDERSTANDING, like every other element of CUSP is not a point in the process. It is a stage of thinking that goes on during the entire engagement that you will have with an individual.

It is at this point that we need to be really clear about the CUSP cycle. While we start with CARING and move on to UNDERSTANDING, and then to the rest, the reality is that we never leave any single element and go on. CUSP is a matrix of engagement and NOT a serial string of events or conversations or happenings.

Specialization in each element is needed, and yet we will likely be executing all 4 elements of CUSP at any one time. A deep understanding of the outcomes desired is difficult. Many times the biggest challenge exists in helping a client (or anyone) fully understand their own personal or corporate change process, hurdles, and participants, and getting them to develop their own understanding and execution. And the deeper challenge to this is the only way to move to action is that THEY must WANT to make the move. We cannot want it for them, THEY must have the “WANT”.

From a tactical perspective, the art of the conversation is critical. We won’t get anywhere if we can’t engage with true listening. There are experts in that art so I will leave you in their hands. Do not ignore this as the art of the conversation is key to any true communication.

There are two elements of great conversations. They are the aspect of conversational layering and the basics of a 2-Way conversation. Both of these tools bring different understandings and approaches. They both require the creation of curiosity to be of significant value. The creation of curiosity as the genesis of understanding through great conversations is the summary of where we will take this as we dig in further to the current topic in the next few weeks.

AND let me close this with one of the greatest quotes of all time in this arena. From Steven Covey…”Seek first to understand….before being understood.” No better advice ever in this complex time regardless of what you are doing or who you are talking with. It is a really difficult challenge for those of us in “sales” as we have been told for years to “tell them all about our great stuff”. Sadly, it does not work that way, and it never has!

CARE greatly,
SERVE endlessly, with

This works!



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