Why Do I Care How Much YOU Care?

Dec 21, 2021

To the WW Client Engagement team;

Why do I care how much YOU care?

That was the question I ended with last week!

This may be my shortest blog ever…the answer is not too complex.

I care how much you care because I believe that we ALL can make a difference in the lives of those that we serve around us every day. And the mind shift to making that difference begins simply with CARING about others deeply, sincerely, openly, and completely. Caring and acting on it will be the greatest shift that you will ever make. AND that will change the world! One CARING act at a time with our clients, our family, our friends, and our teammates!

That is my WHY! The how is embedded in SHIFTABILITY!

Look out world, here we come! CARING about others.


Next week we start on the UNDERSTANDING rungs of the ladder.


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