To Care, or Not to Care, That Is The Question!

Dec 6, 2021

To Care, or not to Care, that is the question!

Or is it?

The real question is first WHY should I care?

We’ll get to that.

Let’s start with a bit of a reframe. The list of all of the leading “sales processes” discussed earlier all have a common theme…selling.

Here is where we take a totally different tack and think of things “different”.

In our book SHIFTABILITY we talked deeply about the need to make a change. Since the publishing of that book just a few years ago, the world has changed multiple times over and continues on an almost daily evolution of nearly everything. The question is asked…the world has changed…have you? And if we are going to keep up with a highly dynamic environment we also must evolve…quickly, and put ourselves into a constant state of effective evolution.

Making a change in ourselves requires that we take several steps. We start with changing our thinking, how we see the world. This leads to changing our beliefs, what was true once is no longer. This takes us to changing our actions, doing things that we had not done before. Which all can lead to changing outcomes to make a difference in the world.

(the book SHIFTABILITY outlines the specific work needed to make this all happen, and remember all the proceeds go to

If it is your desire to make a difference in the world then CUSP is your “process”.

As was said just a bit ago, the greatest sales “process” ever… is actually…


Because the key to making the shift is understanding that all of what we DO is actually a HUMAN process, NOT any sort of selling process, so STOP selling and get to serving.

(“SSN” is the three letter acronym that sums up the entire methodology. Simple, powerful, and tough to do well.)

The genesis for effective change and growth through serving is CARING! It is the motivator for taking the time to do all else that is needed to help those we serve accomplish what THEY want to accomplish. The focus is external and simple. We care! We think that way. We create plans that way. We communicate that way. It is not just what we do, it is who we ARE. We ARE people that care about those that we serve because it comes naturally to us as part of our inner beliefs. We acknowledge that attribute openly and we seek feedback on our execution of our belief. A challenge to you…have extreme courage, ask those around you if you come across like a caring person. Dig into their response and look for ways to learn about enhancing this aspect of ourselves.

I know from my own experience that this is the normal perspective that most people involved in client engagement all share. We have asked hundreds of folks over the last many years why they get up each day to tackle the endeavor of serving clients and the response it best summarize as they like to “help people”. They care!

There is an old quote that comes into play here. It has to do with the people you serve and your business relationship with them. Your credibility with a client is important to you and instrumental to them and how they will view your engagement with them. The source for this quote seems to have multiple possibilities. The quote is, “people do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Acknowledged caring is the first block in the foundation.

We will look more at what CARING looks like in action next…

OK, LET’s ROLL!… and keep the caring coming!


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