Time to Change? Maybe Not!

Oct 12, 2021

Time to Change

Time to change? Maybe not!

It is said that change is inevitable. Not my place to argue that philosophical point, but considering our world today it is a reasonable hypothesis. Change on its own can have multiple dimensions from good to bad. If we are to grow and prosper in a changing environment we must convert simple change into evolution for advancement. A concept that conveys that direction is “continuous improvement (C.I.)”. A never-ending path of change that creates outcomes that are better than their predecessors. What once was great becomes outmoded and improved upon, with a never-ending loop of that circle of actions and outcomes.

While evolving for goodness sake in the C.I. loop it is essential that we always stay focused on the values that we treasure. Process and people changes at all levels ARE inevitable. We see it daily. We choose how we respond to it daily. Our choice must be that our values of service to others never falter. Our focus on making a difference in the lives of others is key to keeping us different and of high value to the world around us. Parts and products are the wares of our trade. Creative thinking is the tool behind the magic that we co-create with our clients, our team, our family… our friends.

Purpose drives us. Understanding guides us. Service is the “doing”. All because we care greatly about those people that we choose to serve.

Work done without a purpose creates no true value for anyone!

So when purveyors of new ideas come forward with grand directions and change in thinking we welcome it and we stop and look for the C.I. and look to see who it serves. The highest level of greatness is created when it serves others first! What is the purpose of what we are looking to do?

So when you tie this to the question of a week ago…” what problem are you trying to solve?”, you get the rest of the story. And that is an understanding of its C.I. nature, or not, and its purpose perspective.

So here can be a triple header of questions about the change in front of you…

– Is it really continuous improvement?

– What is its true purpose?

– How does it serve others first?

This will make for an interesting client conversation about their view of their challenges and “changes”. It will continue to make a great conversation with our teams and how we engage with our clients to maximize our value to them as well.

To twist an old phrase a bit…. “VIVA la EVOLUTION!!”



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