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Sep 19, 2021

Virtually Yours

Care because it matters, your difference MAKES a difference!

Below is an internal message that I sent out this week to our WW Client Engagement team. I typically send out one of these each week and have been doing so for a LONG time. This one is a bit different and specific to an experience that I had this week. My perspective in sharing this with a larger audience is to show that a focus on helping our clients serve THEIR clients is the best focus to have, and its effects have an extraordinary reach that goes full circle.

As I say at the end….

OK, LET’S ROLL… serving endlessly!

To the WW Client Engagement team:

Over the past MANY years I have written to you about our ability to “make a difference” in people’s lives, and that core value being the guiding light that moves us each day. Well, this week I had the privilege of experiencing YOUR efforts, thru many of your clients, as they made a difference in MY life. As I explain, my thanks go to you!

This week I had a partial knee replacement in my left knee. A reasonably major surgery, that has become pretty routine. My experience became strangely focused as I entered into the pre-operation prep area and started getting hooked up to about a dozen different pieces of analytical equipment and I started to recognize every name on each piece of equipment as one of our clients. I sat down on an automated bed that was made by a client, that was warmed or cooled to my desire as well as positioned by the nurse with a bedside remote. I was hooked up to a heart rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor, and various sensors attached to my leg. Every one of those machines had names that I have seen for years on our list of clients. The television that was swung over for me to fiddle with while I waited was another brand we know all well. The experience continued even post-operation.

With about a 6-inch incision straight over the top of the knee, it has some challenges of quick healing I am told. Well, there is a new product called a PICO VAC that is a negative pressure (vacuum) sealed bandage that has a vacuum pump attached to it that goes over the entire area and it draws out any “bad” stuff into the bandage. This electronic vacuum pump is of course battery powered for the 12 days that I wear it and it is said to reduce healing time by more than 75%. It has sensors that tell me when things go weird or need batteries. I’m not sure about whether this one is a client or not, but in about 10 days I will take it apart and we will make sure that they become one! In addition, I am hooked up to my own little personal ice “cool box” that circulates cold water around my knee several times a day. This was another brand name that I know is a client.

An amazing journey around all the good things that you and your global teammates have done over the years in helping our clients make a difference for their clients (including us all).


Each and every day we help our clients serve the world in ways that make a profound difference to humankind. Whether it is a small little micro that moves the pumps in small things, or whether it is big pieces of silicon that help us communicate or keep us safe as we drive. It all matters, greatly!

We don’t sell stuff. We help our clients make a difference in the world around us in thousands of different and meaningful ways.

So take pride in that fact. This is not a perfect world and our challenges in it are many. As we face those challenges stand tall in knowing the YOU and all of your team around the entire world are working diligently each and every day to positively affect humanity in profound ways.

You made a BIG difference to me this week on a very personal note. My thanks to all of you for your help with ‘fixing my knee”!

So, please, keep the CUSP alive. It makes a difference in the world because YOU care.



The picture below shows the “chrome titanium” inserts with a high-tech polycarbonate plate between them. I will now no longer pass thru metal detectors so easily.

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