Which Way Will We Go? Does It Matter?

Aug 9, 2021

Which Way Will We Go? Does It Matter?

Which way will we go? Does it matter?

With the continual drumbeat of negative Covid news and challenges, you may find yourself a bit confused. Understandably. However, in the haze of dealing through the unknown, we may actually create a hesitancy to fully engage with our clients. I am starting to see a bit of that creep in and we MUST shift our thinking quickly so that our actions follow suit.

With supply chain challenges compounded by new product introduction schedules slipping heavily it sometimes just feels like our clients and ourselves just cannot catch a good break. Well, we don’t need luck on our side, we make the outcomes we desire happen…intentionally!

So, with Covid challenges expanding, potentials of lockdowns returning, and all of the dialog about masks and vaccines, what DO we do?’

That answer is pretty simple. We don’t care whether we are serving our clients face to face or video to video! We do NOT use either dynamic to alter our service to our clients. The entire client engagement industry (once known as “sales”) has just spent the last 18 months developing and fine-tuning a process of client engagement that is in fact independent of the form of communication that takes place. We know that to serve well, we must communicate very well, and to do that needs LOTS of well understood and targeted effort. The reality is that this was always the case, we just believed that a face-to-face meeting would suffice for proper in-depth planning. 30-40 years of that experience had us “confused” about how to do the job the very best.

Our last many months have proven to us that we can deliver even higher quality service to our clients than we EVER have. They have told us all that directly, and we, of course, believe them! So, we do not care what curve the world throws at us, we now know how to shift our thinking (SHIFTABILTY) and find even better answers than we had been seeing before.

Purpose wins out. Serving prevails. We can’t be kept from helping our clients achieve their own objectives. With that simple holistic focus, you all will overcome every obstacle thrown at you! Simple, yes, easy, no! Takes constant diligence to not let the obstacles thrown at you continually, get you down. It comes back to the basics….ALWAYS!

CARE greatly,
SERVE endlessly, with

OK.. no hesitation, no doubt… LET’S ROLL!


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