Do You Really Care? How Do You Know?

by Jul 19, 2021

Do you REALLY care?  How do you know?

For a while there as we all relearned how to communicate effectively in a changed world we stepped aside from the expectations of our old metrics of funnel size, velocity, close rates, quote activity, leads, and all such blind measures of what we truly did, communicate. We stopped measuring the minutia that does not matter, never did. We worked hard to find the best new way to interface with all of the other “humans” around us. This took on a personal and professional persona shift that has been truly cathartic for most of us, even if we did not truly understand it. We learned to look people in the eye, even if it was now via video. We found that we really did need to shut up and listen as the new media format did not conform itself to everyone talking at once. We discovered a newfound respect for listening. The power brokers amongst us discovered that there was not as much greatness in dominating a video chat as there once was dominating a room full of folks. Sadly, I see us shifting back into old habits as we start to gather again in meeting rooms in the offices that we once held sacred. There appears to be a pent-up demand to “be heard”. And so it goes.

SO…it is time again to bring out the famous quote from Stephen Covey….

“Seek first to understand…then be understood”.

Our most powerful servant leadership role, our most potent servant provider role, our most critical role in any function is that of “inquirer”. Our most effective function in ANY discussion, at any level, with a client, a friend, a peer, someone that we report or that reports to us….is thru inquiry, enable them to reach their own outcome objectives. Guide their journey through understanding and deep inquiry.

If you REALLY care, this is the way you will communicate and relate to those around you everywhere, work, home, church, or school.

There is nothing as empowering as a natural sense of inquiry. Deeply wanting to understand and help others in their journey. Not b.s. management tactics, but true personal caring. Because if you attempt to lead or influence people from the “telling” mode, they will not hear you. They will nod, and perhaps even echo your words, and that will be all that you see, as you have not shown them that you truly CARE. CARING starts the success string to all that we do, with everyone that we choose to serve.

So how do you know if you care enough? Ask someone what caring looks like, sounds like, feels like to THEM! Then see if you measure up! Got the courage to ask?



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