Choose to Act Into Success

by Jul 12, 2021

Choose to Act Into Success

Wanna fight?

One of the best modern minds in the subject of optimism is Martin Seligman. His simple books on the power of being positive will help us all find our way in strange and difficult times. One of his most profound research outcomes is the fundamental tenant that when people feel they have no control over their situation then tend to give up rather than fight for control. This is very true today in what we see around us regularly. There is a certain perspective that seems to be growing that says “I cannot change it, so why fight it”?

That acceptance of inability to make a difference stops all creativity, effort, innovation, and brilliant outcomes. Failure comes from acceptance of that finality.


What Mr. Seligman also showed us is that the reality is that we always DO have the ability to make a difference. If not in the specific outcome, but most certainly in how we CHOOSE to view that outcome and ACT into creation, how we ACT into innovation, how we ACT into solutions that still matter. IT IS ALWAYS OUR CHOICE IN HOW WE ACT!

We can ALWAYS choose to find a way to make a difference, for the betterment of ALL.

That is simply a CHOICE we each make many times every day.

We choose ACT vs react. We choose to understand deeply so that our actions matter to all.

Regardless of the news, the data, the conversations, or the emotional pitch…look for a way to ACT into creation, innovation, kindness, and shared success.

It is in each of us, to make this intentional sense of optimism break down the haze of this battle and regain the sense of control that providing value creates.

In the OLD days of television there was a cigarette commercial whose graphic was a person with bruised/blackened eye…. The slogan beneath it was “I would rather FIGHT than switch”!

My hope for you is that your fight is strong and that we will never SWITCH from…

CARE greatly,
SERVE endlessly, with

OK, LET’s ROLL! On with the fight!


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