Can We Be TOO Smart?

by Jun 7, 2021

Can we be TOO smart

Yes, AND We Can Shift From There

HIGHLY opinionated or curios – Part 2

The HIGH IQ perspective…The higher the IQ, the more opinionated people may become… to a point, then it shifts radically to an extreme level of creativity driven by curiosity, and an almost surrealistic demeanor.

We often classify the extremely curious people as “artistic” or maybe even a touch “weird”, not connected with reality. The other perspective is that they are the MOST connected to reality and see things quite clearly.

We all know that person at home, at work, at the church or school that just seems to “see things differently”. Perhaps that is extreme brilliance at play! Engage and find out. Take the time to UNDERSTAND.

Do not discount the HIGHLY OPINIONATED! They have their own set of brilliance. Inclusion in the creation of highly effective teams requires that we MUST take time to completely comprehend ALL perspectives and not discount any of them, even though they may seem outright wrong to you, that is a judgment that we cannot afford. This all goes back to the Covey school of thought… “seek first to understand”. We simply cannot afford to let that principle break down. If we are going to serve our clients well, serve our teams well, and SERVE without reserve, we MUST put our OPINIONS aside, a bit, so that we can hear the rest of the story and work to include ALL of the thinking that prevails.

This applies to leadership roles, client engagements, team dynamics, and home life.

Take time to figure out everyone’s nature, opinionated or curious, AND find a way to include that human variable into the communication and creation that must go on openly to co-create the best possible outcome for ALL!

The basics never stop being the root of human success…

CARE greatly,
SERVE endlessly, with



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