2021 Is Here… Let’s Roll!

by Jan 4, 2021

2021 is here. Let's ROLL!

2021 is here. Not a surprise I know. What I do also know is that today and its challenges look just like where we left off a few days ago. AND, that is the way it will be. Surprises will continue, challenges will rear their ugly head, just like ALWAYS! AND we will respond and conquer every one of them, just as we ALWAYS do! I make no specific forecasts, as my crystal ball shattered this past year. It had gotten pretty cloudy over the years and was due to be put out to pasture. It is key to remember that we are in control of our own actions. We cannot control the world around us, but our actions are our own. We will most certainly take significant actions this year to secure our current and future success. We will be tested and we will prevail. We will fight and we will win. We will be better for all of it! Your spirit will rise and we will grow because it is RIGHT. It is just the simple.

As we march into this next season in our journey, let me suggest a simple perspective.

If you truly want to achieve your goals, learn to ENJOY the PROCESS.

Notice I did not say focus on, drive, or any other hard-charging metaphor. I intentionally said ENJOY!

Outcomes matter, PROCESS makes them happen, and if you want to get REALLY good at something, learn to ENJOY the PROCESS with all your heart! Excellence results!

And the PROCESS must be about serving those around us. Serving without reserve! Serving endlessly!

The time we find ourselves in the middle of right now requires more external focus than ever, at least if you want to make a difference. If you simply want to max out your commission, good luck, as the “buyers” of the world are looking right through your transparency, on to someone that is really there to help THEM.

More than EVER, the world needs our non-self serving perspective in creating outcomes that make a difference with the people that we serve. Coin-operated thinking will not serve ANYONE, including the commissioned salesperson. You want to max out your quota and your commission, then MAX out your client understanding, MAX out your caring about helping someone get what THEY need. MAX out what you DO, for THEM, purely, simply, and completely.

Make the PROCESS of serving what you charge into each day. That’s a PROCESS worthy of your time, your passion, your focus…trust in that PROCESS. It will serve everyone well!

This next year will be a rough and tumble pinnacle of success for those of us that choose to make it so. I have complete faith in that fact!



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