2-Way Conversations

by Jan 18, 2021

2-Way Conversations

Many years ago, in the formation years of our BootCamp (sales culture immersion at MCHP) creation, we found a wonderful couple of people that taught us amazing things about curiosity and conversation. Michael and Janet (www.inquizo.com) helped us clearly understand the power of creating curiosity as a cornerstone to having great conversations with clients. As we dug into that art we formed the rallying cry that was echoed hundreds of times during years of BootCamps and sharing journeys. The words that stuck in our brains forever are “2-Way Conversations”. A BIG difference from simple transmissions of words. It requires diligent caring about the people that you serve so that you can understand them well, to be able to truly have 2-Way Conversations that matter to them. That phrase…. 2-Way Conversation.. will be forever in my thinking, as doing it well represents a lot of commitment to selflessness and caring about others. Thanks, Michael and Janet!

As we have all morphed a lot in the past few months, this need for 2-Way Conversations has only gotten stronger than ever. This applies personally and professionally. For the moment let’s take the path down the serving clients direction.

With the aim to help our clients make a difference for others, we enter into the dialog of inquiry and understanding. We have conversations (2-Way Conversations, if we’re prepared).

This Covid trek that we are on has me evolving that thinking a bit. In today’s world with endless challenges faced by those we serve each day, I believe that it is time to ADD to that “2-Way Conversation” perspective and create the advancement of it into….” Empathetic 2-Way Conversations”. In the era that we are in, today, I believe that EMPATHY must come first before we can earn the right to continue on. In fact, EMPATHY must reign as we take the journey with our clients. EMPATHY first! We really do need to be able to put ourselves into someone else’s shoes and walk that next mile as them, to be able to understand, to be able to serve….well!

With our clients, there is a powerful conversation to engage in. It is a conversation about how your client helps THEIR client make a difference in the world. Take time to ask and understand what it is that your client does in service to THEIR client. If you will dig in and understand that you will find you have a new perspective on how you serve your client. Take time to…


CARE greatly
SERVE endlessly, with



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