Stop “Closing,” Start “Caring”

by Nov 2, 2020

Focus on ONE THING!

Looking to understand more deeply the complexity of anxiety recently I found an amazing piece of work by Dr. Anthony Silard from his site, The Art of Living Free ( It is an extensive amount of great material, but I thought I would extract just a bit of it and pass it along to you all.

We are first and foremost emotional beings. It is in our structure and in our nature. From there we try to add logic and reasoning, sometimes with limited success. The word interdependence is used below and that is a key to understanding how to relate to our world and our clients. Our clients seek out connections with people that they value as worthy of spending time bonding with. Each interaction that we have with people, family, or clients, is an opportunity to strengthen that connection and add value to that interdependence. Those that understand that connectivity and actively choose to enhance it every time they can bring ever more and more value to the world and those they serve. That choice is yours, every day, every conversation, every interaction, you choose to grow the connection by caring, or not.

My thought for you for this week….. stop “closing”, start “caring”!

OK, Let’s Roll!



Dr. Anthony Silard

The Art of Living Free

Social Distance is Not Emotional Distance

In actuality, what we need to engage in is not social distancing at all, but physical distancing. In this sense, we need to clarify that social distance is not emotional distance. As human beings, we are meant to be social; accordingly, we need to view our relationships as a matter of mental health during this confinement.

The Changing Needs of Relationships in a Pandemic

During isolation, emotions expand, and magnify. For this reason, among others, anxiety levels are, on average, three times higher than they were a year ago. Relationships must take these psychological changes during the pandemic into consideration. We are not just in the presence of the Covid pandemic; there is also a loneliness pandemic and a technology pandemic. We never thought we were going to use technology in these new ways to buffer physical isolation.

Time for Change

It’s time to connect with each other. Now is the moment to take care of our parents and others who have taken care of us for so many years. We have to consider and reach out to people we know are suffering. Sharing our feelings and emotions is a marvelous way to open up to each other, to lower anxiety and stress, to show vulnerability, and to engage in profound and genuine relationships.

The eye-opening corollary of loneliness is that there are so many people with whom we have come into contact for years and know nothing about it. We don’t know how they feel, how they are handling the pandemic, how they are reconstructing their lives. We can transcend our comfort zone, reach out to some of them, and deepen our social relationships.

The ones who cope better are the ones who accept what is happening. By accepting that you don’t control everything, you become more capable of engaging in mutual reliance and interdependence. You begin to realize how much we need each other. These types of thoughts and actions will help us move strongly through the largest public health crisis in our lifetimes.

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