by Nov 16, 2020

Be the Light


As the world around us continues its struggle with a seemingly endless series of things that are “just crazy”, the daily piling on of new demanding challenges can be truly overwhelming. I get it. I feel it! I know you do too!

There are moments I find myself just gazing upward and saying… REALLY? So far no answers have fallen from the sky… BUT I go back to a phrase that I have heard over the years and its source is not known to me, so we will credit it to a “chat with the angels”. The following words do not need a lot of explanation, although I will expand on them a bit. The phrase that I reference is….

Don’t wait to SEE the light….. BE the light!

My expansion on that phrase comes from experiences of both a professional and personal nature.

Where I go with all this is pretty simple. What I have found is that when the demands are at their highest, stress seemingly cannot grow, the entire world seems to be totally lost and crazy, and you are about to burst….in that moment your best recourse is to put it all on the shelf for the moment and find SOMEONE to help, to serve, to aid, to protect, or just listen to. If it is someone you know, then find something to do to serve them that you have not done before. It is even better for the world if you go out and find someone new to help. Trust me, it only takes a question or two to find that need and then serve it… serve without reserve!

Go out and BE THE LIGHT… for someone that is lost for the moment and just needs to be able to have a little hope that they did not have up until you served them, and shined some light on their world.

This is a human equation that needs solving. And it’s very “business pragmatic” when you actually realize that our clients are people TOO. And you have the ability to BE THE LIGHT for them, both professionally and personally, if you choose. So go out, BE THE LIGHT. Make a difference!

Don’t wait to SEE the light….. BE the light!

My bet is that within about 3 minutes you can identify a person in your world that blossoms from a little light! Go shine!


CARE greatly,
SERVE endlessly,

It really is that simple. Try it. See the outcomes. And keep going!

Ok, Let’s ROLL!


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