by Nov 24, 2020

Be Do Have


Are you playing to win, or are you playing to not lose?

Are you playing along, or are you looking to disrupt?

Are you playing it safe, or are you pushing boundaries?

Today we see more people being careful to not rock the boat than ever. Let’s not push the envelope, seems to be the COVID method. We are ALL looking for safety, sanity, and an assurance that “it will be alright”.

Well….. STOP IT! We cannot make what we have gone through disappear. We cannot make the hurt go away. It will not just magically become “alright”.

We can however choose to take action into creating a new future for each and every one of us, and all of those that we serve.

We MUST choose the mindset of playing to WIN… for ALL involved.

We MUST choose to DISRUPT the current thinking that has us stuck in the mud.

We MUST destroy the boundaries we perceive that have us frozen in our tracks.

Actually, human beings are wired to do what we believe. We act out of our sense of purpose and what we do is a result of what we believe. If I believe that I can make a sale, I will do all the work that is necessary to make that sale. If I believe that things are going to get difficult, then things are most likely going to get difficult. We become our own self-fulfilling prophecy. We create our way of operating from our way of believing.

Mahatma Gandhi described the thinking challenge like this…

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,
your values become your destiny.

If you are afraid, then you are going to act and do things that a fearful person does. If you are hopeful, then you are going to act and do things that a hopeful person does.

So we need to shift our order of operations from believing that if we do certain things, we will then be able to have the things we want or need, and then we will be successful (DO-HAVE-BE). If I only work harder, then I will have more stuff and I will be happy. Instead, we need to adopt the order of Be, Do, Have. What we believe about our world and ourselves in the core of our being, determines what we will do, and ultimately the results we will have (BE-DO-HAVE).

So it starts with believing in the value that you co-create with others, including our clients, who have the ability to make a difference for them. It starts with believing that to create that outcome we must understand “others’ deeply, and we do that because we care about them and their world. We believe in serving others WITHOUT reserve, and that creates a better world for all. And all of that drives toward achieving our stated purpose (more on purpose another time).

CARE greatly,
SERVE endlessly, with

Reverse the normal old, pre-COVID, thought pattern and build this thinking into your day…BE-DO-HAVE.

Have a conversation with a client this week that you have never had with anyone before. Ask them if they are playing to win, or playing to not lose. And if it is the latter, what would it look like if they were playing to win. Let’s see who has the courage to care enough to ask that question.

OK, Let’s ROLL!

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