Team Success Framework!

by Oct 19, 2020

Team Success Framework!

The message below is one that was sent out to the WW Client Engagement team where I am employed.  It references a couple of things that may not make sense unless you are on the inside, and the “poster” mentioned is not attached here….don’t fret, it won’t make a difference to the message for you…


To the WW Client Engagement Team;

A bit of writing this weekend vs our new video format.  We’ll come back to that next week.  With all of the challenges of the world for us to consider it felt like the right time to clearly communicate just what we as a team are focused on and how we are aiming to accomplish it all.  A bit of a reframe for some and reiteration for others.  Both work.  

This is the summary of many elements so you may find me getting a bit wordy here, please indulge me, this is vital.

What we are about to look at, is called…..

…The Microchip Client Engagement Team Success Framework!

So, let’s start high, with the why, and work my way down into the details of the what and the how along the way.

Let’s start simply however with a pragmatic view of what our team’s outcome objective is… This team’s prime objective is to drive highly profitable revenue GROWTH!  Now there are a lot of fine points to that and a ton of nested specifics, but let’s get this one clear.  WE own creating highly profitable revenue GROWTH.  In a flat industry and tough times, this is not easy.  Fully understood! Still got to do it!

Challenge understood, now let’s take a look at how we drive that.  Not LET it happen… DRIVE it, MAKE it happen.  

Coming back up to a high level and looking at the “system”.  It looks like this.  The elements of our system are the following.

  • MCEP

Attached is a document that our team created more than a decade ago. 


A few of the elements have morphed a bit and some of the numbers need to be updated, some up, some down.  We have morphed our understanding of what a good PURPOSE statement looks like and we will dig into that here shortly.  A very key part of the work shown attached is the nature of what matters and its consistency. Our values, our styles, our simple view of life, and our vision remain incredibly well-aimed and show that this guidance has served us quite well.  

Let’s dive into some thinking on some of the elements.  Our vision as shown on the attached “poster”, remains at heart very clear to what we have always known that we were aiming to create, and we have.  And we also continue to evolve and improve upon it.  A 10-year-old stab at some numbers ended up high or low in a few respects, but the heart and soul of what we were aiming to build IS what we have built, and are still building.

Our mission…. Drive Design Wins to Revenue!  Is more true today than ever.  It is the ONE thing that every one of us MUST do each and every day to deliver our vision.  Not simple.  To drive one, you must find one.  You must then WIN one, and then make sure that it actually produces revenue for our client and provides an appropriate level of ROI for MCHP as well.  Everybody must win on this one.  We must learn to choose better so that our efforts yield a higher ROI.  That means choosing markets, clients, and projects that we believe will deliver the most results.  That is a scrutiny level that we are very immature on and needs rapid evolvement.

Our values and our styles remain core to our success.  They require constant vigilance to ensure that they remain intact and that we are all living them, all the time.  We must hold ourselves and those around us to a higher standard and be open to recognizing the need to change.

Let me step back a bit to the subject of PURPOSE.  From our clients, we have been told that they see us differently and that we view things differently.  And that is both true and intentional.  From our team’s perspective, the non-commissioned compensation model that we deploy puts us into a highly favorable position of being able to simply SERVE our client without bias or manipulation.  Our role is to simply SERVE our clients in the best way we can determine, and help them deliver innovation to their clients.   We do that best by helping them make better decisions, faster.  And by removing all of the possible roadblocks that they may run into during their journey of innovation.  We do this with intention, planning, and a lot of 2-way conversations. This is the outcome we are planning when we say that our team’s purpose is to…

Deliver the freedom to innovate!

Active, not passive, removing obstacles and opening up the doors so that the WORLD can do what only it uniquely can do…. INNOVATE beyond imagination.

Our purpose is guided by analysis and planning as we create strategic objectives that are well-targeted, planned, and executed.  Always pushing ourselves into stretch goal mode.

Within our team, we have a way of thinking that has us focused on serving our clients to the max and helping them achieve their objectives.  This is the Microchip Client Engagement Process.  At its heart is the perspective of CUSP that represents HOW we engage with our clients and what our mindset is as we journey with them.

  • Care greatly
  • Understand deeply
  • Serve endlessly
  • with Purpose

Always about them, and their world, and their needs!

COMPASS is our real-time operating system that keeps MCEP running, leading the charge in the best direction, enabling conversations, and helping us clearly understand what the next best actions should be.  We are in the early stages of that level of engagement coaching and making great progress on COMPASS being your best friend!

To most effectively DRIVE actions forward we must have a bias toward action, not data.  The days of old where we did massive quarterly reviews of every known attribute of a BU or two no longer works.  Our library is open, COMPASS, and anyone wanting to know anything that the Client Engagement team knows is welcome to dig in and search and explore to their heart’s content. Our gatherings and discussions must shift to forward-looking action plans and ideas. Information is great as long as it drives an actionable outcome.  Otherwise, it is just a history book that once read, gathers dust.  Our discussions, meetings, plans, and ideas must all be action biased.  Within our team, for the past many years we have circled around the concept of Plan/Do/Review.  That is even more important now with 20+ BUs all looking for help to aid them in driving their profitable revenue.  We own this focus.  We must always come back to “what will move this forward” as a baseline.

  • Care greatly
  • Understand deeply
  • Serve endlessly
  • with Purpose


Thanks so much!


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