Focus on ONE THING!

by Oct 25, 2020

Focus on ONE THING!

​Following on from an internal email that I sent to our team a couple of weeks ago, and that I published last week in this blog, is the following….


Coming back to the powerful concept of focus on ONE THING!

I will start with a paragraph from the Success Framework email that I sent out last week…

“Let’s start simply however with a pragmatic view of what our team’s outcome objective is… This team’s prime objective is to drive highly profitable revenue GROWTH! Now there are a lot of fine points to that and a ton of nested specifics, but let’s get this one clear. WE own creating highly profitable revenue GROWTH. In a flat industry and tough times, this is not easy. Fully understood! Still got to do it!”

Revenue growth is our team’s reason for existence. Accomplishing GROWTH within the framework of DOING THE RIGHT THING, is the challenge. This is not an easy task, and it must be done while adding value to every person (client and MCHP) involved in the actions.

There is one overpowering aspect of growth that we have to clearly understand and then act into…

…growth requires disruption, breaking the status quo(the existing state of things) at the client….change!

Our role is to interrupt what “is” at a client, to make it what “will be”, as we see it. All with the focus that to actually do that requires that the client see us differently and that we are seen as having a co-created value that makes a difference to THEM.

We own this challenge, and I see you all doing it regularly. In the fear-based environment that we face today where change has significant push back, this challenge is even magnified.

This complex interaction has push back from almost everyone in the chain of decisions. Everyone fights hard to maintain the status quo. The client is reluctant to change. There is a risk to any disruption. Disruption is not of value to the distributors as it opens up the possibility of “loss”. Every competitor is fighting with all of their mite to prevent any disruption or loss.

It’s not easy, which makes it of GREAT value for us to focus on and achieve.

Our role in the scheme of things is to create unique client value thru the disruption of the client’s status quo. We can do that. I see you doing it. We need to be clear that this is the “HOW” to our singular objective… creating highly profitable revenue growth for our family.

Our involvement with clients, either directly, or thru distribution requires this focus. We need to realize, however, that there is a very natural push back from the distribution channel in addition to the fear of change from the client that we will have to work to resolve. Just think of it as “twice the fun”, and even more sticky once you earn it.

I went to ask for a particular action and follow up from our global leadership team. They are in the process of doing that and as always I am finding great creativity when you seek it.

For you, I propose the following….

I suggest that you spend some time with your team locally and walk thru the definition of status quo, the meaning of disruption, understand the client’s reluctance to change, the impact that your channel may have, and then brainstorm new ways to show the possibility that the change can be good for them.

Ok, Let’s Roll!

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