If I Only Had A Heart!

by Sep 22, 2020

If I only had a heart!

In the movie, The Wizard of OZ (and I know that I can not assume you all have seen it, but I did grow up with it and the scary flying monkeys) there is a very special Tin Man. In the journey to Oz, the Tin Man is in search of a heart that had been taken from him by the Wicked Witch of the East. In song and dance along the way, Tin Man repeats the phrase… “if I only had a heart”. Many quotes about having a heart are in this movie… here is one…

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.”

This statement made to the Tin Man by the Wizard is one of the all-time best Oz quotes, simply because it’s so true. As most of us can attest, the love of our friends and family is all that really matters in life.

And so what you say… well here is my ask of you for this week… In this current time, I see a lot of folks with a lot of stress and anxiety. You can see it acted out in the manner with which they interface with others around them. We are quick to move to anger and curt responses that are out of character. We are judgmental when we really have no position to judge at all, not our role in life anyhow. You know it, you see it, it’s real, and it is under our control to alter it… Each one of us can make a difference and it can snowball. One person at a time. Start now. As you read this, take a moment to look around and see someone that you can make a difference for. Have a heart. Take a heartfelt action to pay it forward, deliver a smile, embrace someone needing a hug. Step into it and open up your heart!

Here is a radical thought. Do this with your client. Virtual or in person, it can still be done. You can use your heart to connect with another person that may not be even expecting it. Care greatly, Understand deeply, Serve endlessly, with Purpose (CUSP). Its not just a four-letter word, it’s showing the world that YOU HAVE A HEART! Your personal and professional connections and relationships will be forever stronger if you let your HEART show!

Ok, Let’s Roll!

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