Little Baby “H” Needs Your Help

by Aug 2, 2020

Be Courageous

No sales chatter this time. No business issues, not this time. This time I write from a very personal perspective. Please forgive my unusual demeanor this time….During the many months that we have globally battled COVID-19 our corporate family has lost several of those close to us. We have lost mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Each loss is a tremendous blow to all of the family. I talk with many of you around the globe with the same deeply felt shared pain. My prayers are with each of you and your family.

Your help is needed now!

A very good friend of mine, a good man that I have known for decades faces a family battle unlike any. He has a beautiful 9-month-old granddaughter that is tonight fighting for her life. Baby “H” has been in intensive care for the last week. Her medical issues are not COVID related, however, they are threatening her life deeply. Nine-month-old little girls are meant to be wearing princess dresses, not hospital gowns, tierras, not oxygen masks.

I may be out of line here, so be it. The family that I know that takes a moment to read this stuff cares about “little girls”! So my request of you is simple….

Please put Baby “H” in your prayers tonight and each night. I know the power of this community to make a difference it great. Please help me with prayers to make a difference for Baby “H”.

Bless you, all!


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