Plan Everything!

by Jul 20, 2020



Ok now that is said, where am I headed with this thinking? Well, in the vein of “keeping it simple”… I will focus on just one perspective of planning. We all know that planning every conversation with every client is a LOT of work. AND if you want to optimize the narrow time now spent in client conversations, it IS the only way to excel in serving them.

So for this week I suggest that you take a bold step forward, get specific, narrow the planning challenge, and only PLAN TO UNDERSTAND… your client needs in every conversation you have. Don’t try to get YOUR message across. Simply take one easy step forward in the planning process and as Stephen Covey would say “seek to understand, before being understood”. PLAN TO UNDERSTAND your client’s business shifts that are happening, UNDERSTAND the impact that working from home is having on their product development plans, UNDERSTAND what they have personally learned about themselves in these last 4 months of WFH. Do all this and more, plan the conversation, plan the thoughts that you would like to explore. PLAN the call, the email, the video, the text… whatever it is, PLAN TO UNDERSTAND….THEM!

Because you CARE, you take time to UNDERSTAND…..

Then you SERVE… with PURPOSE!


Serving YOU with PURPOSE!

OK, lets roll!

– Mitch

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