Who is your center of focus?

by Jun 21, 2017

Thinking differently to respond and thrive in a different age of selling requires a different center of focus. It’s far too easy to get inwardly focused on our products, on our features and benefits, on our pitch, on our sales cycle.

Instead our new thinking and new actions that will lead us to developing new clients must all be centered around THEM. What does our client need to achieve in THEIR company and in THEIR lives?

Every message, every action, every idea that we have must be focused on the client and their world.  Pure and simple. If not, we will simply sound like every other sales person from every other vendor, and that is not what we are working so hard to achieve.

Not products, not features, not benefits. We will eventually get to all that but much later in the engagement process, when we have earned the right to be heard. And when our message and solutions are aligned with the needs and aims of the client.

Once we fully understand, only then can we seek to be understood.