It has only been 5 weeks since we released Shiftability: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Selling and we have already sold nearly 700 copies.

We have been very encouraged by the initial response and feedback – thank you! One of the best responses we have heard is from someone who “can’t wait for the next book.” Well, we are still busy with launching this first one but to be sure, we are already taking notes for the next one.

Look What You Did

The sales in just these first weeks have already allowed us to collect a sizeable donation for One of the important themes in our book is identifying and understanding our purpose in all spheres of life. Our desire in writing and sharing this book is to serve a greater purpose than just success in selling or business and to truly make a difference, in both small ways and grand ways. Thank you for supporting our aim and the mission of through your purchases.

Kindle Version Available

We are excited to announce that the Kindle version is now available here.

If you have already purchased the paperback you can get the Kindle version for convenience as an add-on for only $2.99. We also have an audio   version in production that will be available later this spring.

Bootcamp 171

shiftability, sales, sales leadershipWe also debuted Shiftability at Microchip Bootcamp 171 and were able to provide a copy for each attendee. Check out the picture of Hendre signing copies. Our bootcamps have been a fantastic forum for refining many of the concepts in Shiftability so it was especially good to share it with this great group of people and leaders.

Have you got your copy yet?

You can purchase both paperback and Kindle versions through Amazon. All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to You can get more information about the book and download a preview chapter at And be sure to let us know what you think.