We all know this, and yet I will say it again and even LOUDER, if even only theoretically so.


The words we choose to use or use spontaneously, have an impact. They make a difference. They can inform, they can inspire, they can hurt, and they can do forever damage. Words are very powerful. The words we use in conversations are one thing. They are vitally important. The words we use in our heads as we tell ourselves our own stories are or can be, life-changing.

As we tell our stories to ourselves and others we often take one of two positions, a victim, or an owner. As with all reactions in life, the choices we make and the directions we take are of our own choosing. We cannot control what the world throws at us. We will be forever handed setbacks. How we frame our “response’ and the actions we take will determine whether we are choosing to be a victim or an owner. The owner mindset is very different from the victim mindset. Owners make things happen, victims wait to see what will happen. Owners choose, victims have things happen to them. Owners do the most important thing, they commit, victims try.

How does all this apply to our new world with the challenges that we face today? Words matter greatly here!

I see the words used all over the place, in headlines, and in articles, like the “new normal” or the “new abnormal”.

To me, both of those perspectives are outcroppings of victim thinking. They both put COVID-19 in charge of us and our lives.

The Stoic Gods (see Willam B. Irvine) have thrown a huge set back at the world and each of us. We cannot deny that, and at the same time, we can reframe our reaction to it.

My choice, and hopefully yours, is to take what lessons we are learning each day in this journey and use them to create our…


Tremendous good is being created today at the same time as many things are being broken. It is our choice to create a better outcome than we could have in the way we used to view and do things. We get the choice to not accept going back to ANYTHING. Let’s make the choice to move forward in every case and create an outcome that is better than it ever could have been and build our “NEW EXCELLENCE”. Better than ’normal’ or “abnormal”.. and certainly NOT going back to anything. We choose to move forward, better, best…excellent.

Words matter. They form the basis for our thoughts, which form the basis for our actions and our outcomes. Let’s choose to reframe our choice and choose the “NEW EXCELLENCE” for the creation of our future.

That choice is yours! I’m off to create “NEW EXCELLENCE”!


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