May 3, 2022

Is it really all that simple?…..YES! That does not mean it’s easy!!

Caring is simple…it’s just not always easy to do.

Understanding is simple…it’s just not always easy to do.

Serving is simple…it’s just not easy to do, and doing it with

Purpose is tough…plain and simple.

If we are to succeed at serving others to help them achieve their objectives then we need a unique blend of empathy, curiosity, and tenacity. We must be able to walk in their shoes and in their tracks and feel what they feel. We must have a driving desire to know more, continuously. We must be relentless in our pursuit of serving others to their ends.

We must dig in and have insightful exploratory dialog that is complex in its nature. We must confirm that we understand and are making a difference, that those we serve acknowledge. Our inquiry must, in its own, create new thoughts.

We don’t simply ask, “am I making a difference in serving you”. Instead we have dialog around the thought of “tell me HOW I can serve you to make a unique difference for your team”…and more, “tell me what I can do to serve you in completely UNIQUE way that you will value”. Simple questions that are handled by a “yes” or a “no” don’t bring value to the engagement.

This ALL comes down to the incredibly simple, and not easy to execute, Steven Covey principle….”Seek to understand before being understood”!

I really hope those words translate to all of the local languages that we are working today. It is a very vital concept of excellence in human interaction and most people fail so badly at it. I watch conversations all day long in various formats and medium. It is the rare case that I see participants in a conversation all battle to become the Chief Problem Solver. The best in class of those that lead and those that serve are those that “seek to understand”.

Yes, it really is that simple… and tough to do well!


Onward to doing the things that matter, even if they aren’t easy.


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