CUSP From The Heart!

Apr 25, 2022

Over the last many weeks we have covered the detailed perspectives of CUSP. I have been writing about it and talking about it for the last several years. It is a hope for you that this has all made good common sense and you are willing to dive in and “give it a try”. A reasonable outcome it seems. So just HOW do you start all this, and how do you turn on the “Care Greatly” switch? And where the heck is the big button that is pushed to launch my “Understand Deeply” mode?

Well… there are not either one of those magic answers for your disposal. Sorry!

This takes work, just like anything else worth your focus and time.

And interestingly all of this “stuff” is not what you DO… it is what you ARE, what you BECOME!

This comes down to the conversations that you have with yourself, and others, about how you are serving those that you choose to serve. How do you know you care? What shows that to yourself and those around you? Have you asked those around you how you come across when you are communicating with them? Do you feel empathic? How does that show? Do you REALLY listen? Or just prepping a response. You will know that you are really listening because you will find yourself no longer interrupting others as they are speaking, to get your point in. You are really good at listening when your find there is a bit of silence after the other person speaks before you step in. Try counting to 3 before you spit it out…that’s a tough one for us ALL!

How do you know you truly CARE? You can answer that one if you will spend some time whiteboarding…. Put it on the wall and look at it. Share it.

There is an old saying that includes the phrase “fake it till you make it”. You can’t fake caring. The world will know the truth. Got to mean this one, from the heart and soul. The reality is that you must “practice it…till you become it”. Given enough cycles of learning, it will become who you ARE!

So…don’t fake it, but do practice it…you WILL become what you practice!

And after a few thousand practices, you will MASTER it and make it part of yourself.


10,000 practices and you will become the MASTER…or so they say.



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