Mitch Little

Photography is a passion of mine. I have been taking pictures since my dad put a Brownie camera in my hands at about the age of 6. It has been a journey over the decades that has had me taking pictures of every imaginable subject. As a kid I moved every 18 months or so, and the subjects made that journey as well. Sadly a majority of those early pictures have disappeared over the years and I have only a few of those taken by myself or my dad to remind of those great times.

Over the last 3 decades I have worked my way through the Nikon family, on to the Cannon family, and now focused totally on the Sony Mirrorless platform and I find it the best of all, in my opinion.

Over these past years I have spent much time on Auto racing sports, all of our dogs, landscapes, and much work related shots. At Microchip for the last 10 years we conducted “bootcamps” for our client engagement teams. That entailed bringing 90 professionals into Chandler, from around the world, and spending 2 weeks of very intensive client engagement learning. We did that year round and conducted 18 such events. During each of those I spent equal amounts of time helping guide the learning and taking very personal candid shots of the team during class and activities. Each boot camp would generate about 2,000 pictures. From there we created a printed booklet of the best of the best in each session. This experience taught me a lot about the art of the candid shot.

My most recent move has been into Fine Art Landscape Photography and I have been busy learning it from a master in that class, Tim Shields, whose mentor was Peter Lik. I have started to populate this site with a couple of those examples. This will be a primary focus of mine as I journey forward.

My driving thoughts for my photography passion is…
EXPLORE.... the world
DISCOVER…. new possibilities
CREATE…. excellence

All while having great FUN!!!!!

Mitch Little